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Week 1: Skills Review

Manipulating Polynomials



Course Syllabus:

Please returned the signed course syllabus as soon as you can. On it, please indicate whether or not you wish to take the honors option. Your decision is binding by week 4, although you do not have to take honors in the second semester also.

Online Course Site:

Much of your work this semester will involve you working online. You will take homework assessments and post class work online. Notes can be viewed and there are links to tutorials and other resources available. You should visit the site at:

Enroll in the class: HTH Senior Math. There are 4 homework sets due this week. Click Content, then Unit 0. Take the FIRST TWO assessments in the Homework section. There is also a discussion forum for the week. Click on Discussions to view it.


  • "Polynomials" online quiz.
  • "Factoring" online quiz
  • Introduction forum.


Week 2:Skills Review II

Rational Expressions

Solving Equations



Class Notes:

Please make sure your notes are of an acceptable quality. I will do my best to provide class notes to those who are not able to make it to class, but these are no substitute for your own notes. Only your own notes will be allowed in quizzes. You cannot rely on photocopies or printouts. Any provided notes must therefore be copied into your own notebook.

In Class Deliverables:

  • Return your signed Syllabus
  • Create characters for animation in Excel. Plot (x,y) points & create story board.

Complete on

  • "Rational Expressions" online quiz
  • "Solving Equations" online quiz
  • "Inequalities" online quiz.
  • Post your Excel characters to forum.


Honors packet 1

The first honors work will be given out this week. Honors students will be expected to complete approximately 1 honors packet (typically 15 questions) per month. It is expected that you attend weekly "honors lunch" meetings, where we will discuss the problems in depth.

Project: Excel Animation

Supporting files


Starting this week you will be working on the first project of the semester. In this project you will create an animation using Microsoft Excel. The first task is to create the characters for your animation. You must create at least three objects that can move independently of each other. You will then post these, along with a description of what the objects will do on the forum provided.

Week 3: Skills Review III




There will be a quiz this week.

Topics covered will be all the algebra we have covered, plus a little matrix math you learned from the project. You may use your notebooks for the quiz.

In Class Deliverables:

  • Your Syllabus MUST be returned.
  • Your character's motion must be controlled by a single variable.
  • Turn in your activity write-up(s)


  • "Exponents" online quiz
  • "Radicals" online quiz

Project: Excel Animation

Matrix math

This week you will make your characters move. Using matrices, you will make your characters translate, rotate and dilate(scale). You can start out by having lots of matrix operations to see how they cause your characters to move. By the end of the week, however, you MUST link the motion to a single variable that can be charged by any amount.

  • The first 2 weeks' homework quizzes will disappear after this week. Any submissions made this week will be marked late.You can still get partial credit for homework completed this week. After this week zeros will be permanent.

Week 4: Functions

Graphs of Functions

Linear functions

Fitting linear functions to data

Functions: This week we will examine what the various functions look like when plotted. We will see how transaltions in x and y show up in the equation of these functions, and take a closer look at the equations used to describe linear equations.

Linear Regression: This is the process of fitting a linear equation to scattered data points. We wil learn how this is optiomized and how to quantify how well the data fits a linear model.

Week 4 Deliverables:

  • Post your animated gif to forum.
  • Email your animated gif to me.
  • "Functions" online quiz.
  • "Graphs of Functions" online quiz.
  • "Linear Functions" online quiz
  • "Linear Regression" online quiz

Project: Excel Animation

Make your animated gif


In Excel, fix your axes to show all the action in your animation. Copy and Paste your frames into separate layers in a Photoshop file. Using the Animation tool, turn the layers on sequentially to create your animation. Use "Save for Web and Devices" to create your animated gif.


Week 5: More Functions

Applications of linear functions

Quadratic Functions

Rational Functions





Week 6: The Derivative

Slope and Rate of Change






Week 6: